Convert your old email into a powerful collaboration suite in the cloud.

Why settle with just email exchange when your business can have a whole collaboration suite with MobileOffice.

In many ways, email is the most important communication tool for any business. However, it can’t do the job on its own. Your staff needs to send brochures, special promotions and respond questions right when the potential customer is ready to make a decision. That’s where MobileOffice come in providing an easy to use access to your business resources anywhere, anytime, nonstop. It's time to update your old business operation and start collaborating.

Powerful file-sharing service

With MobileOffice your team will never forget, delete or loose a file again. MobileOffice leverages powerful technologies like WebDAV and FTP to give access, backup and share your companies files from anywhere at anytime. Stop using loose business applications that do not let your team achieve the productivity that you and your customers deserve.

Ubiquitous collaboration platform

MobileOffice without additional hardware or technical staff allows your staff access their resources from anywhere. MobileOffice increases productivity and collaboration with a simplified integrated platform supported by enterprise level technologies to share, communicate and store your most important revenue creating acitivities and documents.

PC-to-PC Calling, voicemail

MobileOffice allows your team to see who in the your company is online and connect with their peers from virtually anywhere, seting up meetings and sharing files on the fly. Enable your staff to do more with MobileOffice.

Anti-malware & Anti-spam

MobileOffice secures your information and your communication with the highest standars in the industry partnering with Kaspersky and Cloudmark.

Far more than just email

MobileOffice simplifies and integrates user’s data seamlessly enabling users to communicate and collaborate effectively and productively using document management, synchronizing contacts and calendars, enabling spam-free emails to be accessed from virtualy any device. MobileOffice empowers corporate knowledge to better serve your customers.

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Teamwork Evolved

MobileOffice provides an advanced collaboration suite that allows your staff to send/receive emails, securely chat and share files from virtualy anywhere.

Mobile Ready

MobileOffice integrates seamlessly with Iphone and Android. You do not have to pay additional to use your smartphones.

Multimedia Ready

MobileOffice allows you to manage your company videos, view your youtube channel, have your custom music playlist, and share your media library.

Corporate IM

Mobile office has an IM platform with its own client integrated that allows you to reach your staff and critical resources from anywhere. This platform also integrates the use of any xmpp capable instant messaging client like Pidgin and Trillian.

Customer opinion

The ability with MobileOffice to deploy a hybrid operation model combining on-site and hosted support to our offices throughout the country has proven invaluable.
Kimberly LaScala
CEO Prestige Travel Systems